CV Extract table

Hi Friends,

I am trying to use CV Extract table activity to grab tabular data from a table on a power bi website. My workflow was working fine until today. Now Ui path is not able to identify the table anymore - to be more concise after indicating CV Screen scope I am not able to indicate scope for the the CV Extract table activity anymore. I am unsure of what the problem is.

Here’s a screenshot(The elements are being picked up fine by CV)

Please help me out, Thanks!

Just curious: The normal data scraping does not work better as it is a website?

Tried that before, It doesn’t work at all I seem to get gibberish and many other fields get picked up too. I think it doesn’t help that the table isn’t contained in the table html attribute.

Hi, @atr1, what kind of CV deployment are you using? Is it UiPath Cloud or an on-prem server/private cloud? What’s the table area approximately in pixels?

The reason I’m asking is we’ve changed a few things in 21.10 related to how the tables are detected and we also have a known detection issue around very large area tables. Can you share an image replicating the issue without any sensitive/production data?