Dynamic table extract gives error when SAP line items have fewer line items to scroll


I am using CV SCreen scope where I capture the SAP screen with line items in a table. I then use CV Extract Table activity to extract those line items which can span over 2, 3 scrolls.
I have the following settings on that activity -

For a table with 30 line itmes (spanning in 2 scrolls), it extracts the table correctly. However, for a table with fewer line items (eg:- 1 or just 3 lines) as well it scrolls through and I get an error. The computervision table scroll log says the following -

11:46:49.688 Information Scrolling finished due to three identical tables in a row
11:46:52.134 Information Waiting for tasks till -1
11:46:52.136 Information Waiting for all tasks

Any suggestions, how to handle this?
THanks in advance.

Detailed Implementation

Initial Line Item Count

CV Screen Scope
  - CV Find Text or CV Extract Data
    - Extract the visible line items
    - Count the number of extracted line items
    - Assign count to variable: visibleLineCount

Conditional Extraction

If visibleLineCount <= 5 Then
  - CV Extract Table (without scrolling)
    - Set scrolling properties to disabled
  - CV Extract Table (with scrolling)
    - Set scrolling properties to enabled
    - Configure maximum scrolls based on expected data

Error Handling and Retry


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  - Execute appropriate CV Extract Table activity
Catch ex As Exception
  - Log the error
  - Retry with adjusted settings if necessary

By following this approach, you can handle tables with variable numbers of line items more effectively and avoid unnecessary errors due to scrolling. This ensures your automation remains robust and adaptable to different scenarios within the SAP environment


Thank you for your suggestion. it worked !

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