Issues with inconsistencies with selectors , UIPATH and IE11

Hi there.
We are having issues with consistency of selectors with UIPATH 2017.1.6435 and IE 11 Version: 11.0.9600.19129. two machines with same versions of UIPATH and IE but behavior is completely different.

it has to do with HTML tables where we’re using a custom app to insert and save rows with a robot.
For some reason, a script we wrote on one machine consistently works with one machine but fails to identify the selectors on another.
When using UIPATH explorer, the same controls fetch different selectors on each of the machines. One of the machines, the one where the script works, fetches a proper table layout and easily referenced cells. the other machine is unable to identify the same selectors.
I have seen this with Chrome and I wasn’t able to solve then. I didn’t expect it with IE. Has anyone seen this? I cannot find any settings or configs that would give us such inconsistencies.

Any help is much appreciated.