Different behaviour on different pc (uipath_custom_id)

I have an attended robot that is working on different computers doing actions on chrome web page.

Now i installed on a new computer the robot, the uipath chrome extension and in a pop-up window inside browser my robot not work.

I installed also the Studio and detected that when i inspect the html page in tags there is property uipath_custom_id that there is not in pc where it works.

Also, in that PC when i try to get information about label to click using “Indicate on screen” on a Click activity i cannot choose the label, but on my computer it detect label correctly.

What can be the reason of this weird behaviour?

Thanks to all that can help me

Does the version of the chrome browser are same …

I Will check but i am pretty sure are both updated to the Last version

I checked versions of Chrome and Uipath Extension and both are identically (chrome 85.0.4183.121 uipath extension 9.0.6821)

In PC not working activity On Element Appear raise errore Activity timeout exceeded for a DIV passing the ID, but i verified that web page correctly expose that element with same ID i have in selector.

Some suggestions?

Try Updating the selector and If possible - we can make use of element exists - If True then we proceed further…

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I switched from Element Appear to Element Exists, adapted the Selector, and now it works

I want to thank you for your help. So it is better to avoid to use Element Appear?

It should have worked ideally … Not sure why element appear is faulting … Your issue is resolved , Glad :slight_smile:

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