Drop-down list dynamic

Good morning,
to manage the selection of an item from a drop-down list, I use two “Click” activities.
On the second click, my selector is as follows:

However, it does not find the item because there are spaces in the wording of the drop-down list…

Thank you for your help

Hello @Julien_Horreau

Can you confirm whether you have already checked the Select Item activity to automate the dropdown?

Also if there are unwanted spaces or characters you want to overcome in the selector you can use “*”.



Try using regex option if you dont know number of spaces like below

<ctrl name=‘{{var}}\s*’ role=‘list item’ matching:name=‘regex’ />

Or use * but it will take all values instead of only spaces

<ctrl name=‘{{var}}*’ role=‘list item’ />


thanks to you,

I solved my problem using the “Select Item” activity by concatenating my variable to “*” in “Element to select”.

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