Drop down list problem (OCR)

Hi people,

I would like to create an excel file downloading bot, but I am facing a huge obstacle. The drop down list is not a type-in one. So only an OCR based approach could help me. Also I would like to create a for loop based solution on the whole drop down list (I need all of the excel files on the webpage). I have created an input excel file that contains all the possible items of the drop down list.

So this is where I have stucked. I don’t know how to handle this issue. I have tried to do it with UIPATH OCR screener, but as I have discovered it only works with 1 initial picture. I have 76 number ranges in my excel file that I would like to use for selection in the drop-down list.

Any ideas? Or Am I approaching this issue from a wrong angle?

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi there,

I usually use arrow keys to navigate through drop down menus, get text and compare text before selecting. I’m sure there are probably better and easier ways to do it though.