Download UI Explorer ONLY

Is it possible to download only UI Explorer onto a computer without UIPath Studio?
If someone could please send me the .exe file for it that would be great!

No buddy
UI Explorer is a core part of studio
So if we want to access that we need studio to be installed
Or may I know why we need that as a lone part

Cheers @Sami_Syed

Because we can run automations on VPS with just the robot downloaded and not studio. So I need the UI Explorer too now, so that I can specify elements within the vps and make the bot accordingly then run it on the vps using only UI Robot.

I dont want to download studio on my VPS basically

Have a Look on the indicate element Activity.
You can use IT for inspection purpose and similiar to uiexplorer also f2 pausing is working.

In a similar scenario WE implemented such an analysing bot with this Activity and dumped out selector relevant information

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