UiExplorer with attended license

One of the issues with attended is sometimes needing to use selectors and therefore having Studio installed on the user machine - but in reality all we need is UiExplorer? Would there be any way of having a separate install of just UiExlorer to find the selectors?


Huh? Ui Explorer is only used to get selectors for coding your process. Users don’t need it to run the automations. They don’t need Studio, either. They’re supposed to have Robot/Assistant installed and they run attended automations using that.

I’m not talking about for running the process. It’s when you first install the process on a new users’ machine and something doesn’t work - you need to know what the selector is so you can compare it with your original.

Bear in mind we implement at large scale enterprises with more controls than you can imagine!

I tried copying the UiExplorer.Launcher.* files to a separate folder and then running it, and it complained about .Net not being installed (even though obviously it is).

I guess you won’t have a choice but to install Studio but you don’t have to run Studio, you can just go to the install folder and run UiExplorer.Launcher.exe


Hello Richard,
yes, you can download the UiExplorer from the resource center in your Automation Cloud.
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The above is indeed the answer :slight_smile: Thanks @StefanSchnell

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