UiExplorer Licence

Hi, We Plan to use UiExplorer instead of UiPath Studio to take selectors. To Use UiPath explorer is required any licence.Confirm without UiPath Studio licence can we use UiExplorer?.
To use UiPath Explorer we need any one licence from below.

  1. Orchestrator Licence is required?
  2. UiPath Assistance licence is required?
  3. UiPath Studio Licence is required?.
  4. Can we have seperate licence for UiExplorer?
    Please do the needfull

Hey @saravanan_p

You no need any separate license for it.

But if you have any of the product license with studio or robot installed, it should help in using the UiExplorer !


Hello @saravanan_p

Can you please confirm the usage of uiexplorer here? With the access to the uiexplorer are you trying to automate uipath process? or is there any other requirement.

Usually uiexplorer gets installed along with studio.

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan, Yes we already automated the UiPath process, so we required Uiexplorer to get selectors.

Hi @Sami_Syed , We can access UiExplorer without studio also!.

Yep you can get it independently whenever required.

Hi Nithin, Can i have any reference document related to Uiexporer licence, so that i can communicate to company members.

Hi @saravanan_p

If you have UiPath installed on a machine, you are good to go for using Ui-Explorer!