UI Explorer Stand Alone Application?

Good day all

I am writing this post to ask about a situation I am experiencing.

So I have 2 terminal servers where my BOT will run my process. I had developed on the one server using a community version to be able to view the selector and will now then port over the finished process and publish to the Orchestrator from my local machine (which has a licensed version).

My question is:

To avoid having to develop on a community version, is there a way to install a standalone version of UI Explorer on a machine. This would let me see the selectors I need and allow me to dev directly on my licensed Studio that is on my local machine.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @LeonWentzel

Your licensed version also has a UIExplorer correct? So why are you looking for a standalone version of that?

UIExplorer always come as a part of the Studio

Yes it does. But my licensed version is on my Local Machine and the BOT will be running on a terminal server. So getting the selectors through the VDI window is impossible and I dont want to have to use Computer Vision for this process if it can be avoided since the end product BOT will run on the server and not through the VDI

Found a solution to this.

You can grab licenses from Orchestrator to the Machine dev needs to happen on. Thus I can dev and see selectors on the local machine. After dev I can release the license and restore it to my local machine.

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