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Hey I am using UIpath studio , I have automated the login and getting to the downloading page where i have some pdf’s which i want to download. These pdf’s are dynamic ,sometimes there are 10 sometimes 100 ,it changes everyday.i want to download those pdf’s . please find the attached image.

Here i want to download the pdf by clicking each elements in column 3(hyperlink highlighted in blue colour) ,the number of rows in the table is can i do it using UIPATH.

use data scraping and get the count of the datatable…

loop the datatable and passing the datarow for particular item correctly


I used the web scrapping tool , Now i can download the report but i am downloading the first report over and over again while it’s supposed to go down and click on the next link.Please find the attached uipath flow url link1 link

For each item the property- tablerow changes, pass that dynamic

Sorry, I couldn’t understand. I just started UIpath yesterday and i got upto this yet.
just the last part , there’s a click selector i know which needs to be triggered to download, but how do i span down ? what should i use ? or where/how should i make it dynamic.

webctrl tag=‘BUTTON’ tableRow=’"+i.ToString+"’ idx=‘1’

i is the counter …

Check your selector and change your tablerow with your counter like that

Did you get the output

when i change the value of idx manually i can span through the report keeping the tablecol constant. when i am trying to set the idx ="’+i.ToString+’" it’s not validating hence i am not able to save this in the click editor

Dont change idx… change the tablerow

you can also remove idx in this

i am sorry i don’t understand.
could you please send me xaml file demonstrating on this sample website or any website with hyperlinks having 1column and multiple rows

Flowchart.xaml (11.7 KB)

Try this


Data scrape the table (including the URL) and then use the activity Navigate To (URL extracted) in order to download those documents.

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Thank you so much! some minor tweak in my flow and with your template i got my result.

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