Iterate through rows which has hyperlinks and open and save the pdf available in it! is it possible? how to?

Hy all
I am new to UIpath.
I have data in excel which contains the name of the building and their Electricity&water bill URL.
I want to download each building pdf and print it.
can anyone help me, please?

HI sure its possible you can use For each activity and create workflow to download and print it

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Hi @Imran_Mohammed,

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Use a excel application scope enter the file path with name in it-> use read range to read the sheet and output it in a DT say Dt1->- use a for each row loop pass Dt1 in it → inside for each use an Open browser activity in that pass Rowvariable(“LINK”).tostring this will open the web page-> now downloading pdf part if there is some button or interaction to download the file proceed with it-> post that use a close tab activity to close tab. Remember when using Open browser check on the property setting “New session”.


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Hi @Imran_Mohammed

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We can also go with below method without using browser intertaction!



thank you it worked and there is interaction so I used click activity with check app status activity.


I made it to print now, I have a column for dates like bills come on every month of 5 15, and 28.
so I have a column for that which building have bills on 5 and which is on 15 so on.
can the bot check the system date and filter that column and then execute the rest?..
I tried filtering by data table activity but it doesn’t work. can you help me out? thanks


As this issue was resolved can you please open a new thread on the forum with your latest challenge so that it can grab everyone’s attention and you can get maximum beneficial answers.


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