Download files PDF from url

Hello guys, I’m new in Uipath. I trying to download the PDF’s from to URL in data table but i cant automate it.

My sequence is:
Open Browser (Chrome) > Navigate to row from data table > simulate print > save in folder, but i cant automate the folder selection, and when I use other folder to other activity, change all the route in the moment to play the UiPath.

I need to always save at the same folder. If it doesn’t open each PDF and download directly, the better.

I try to change the PDF configuration in Chrome, but no luck.


Can you help me?


Can we try like this!

Before opening the browser let’s do this.

Read the excel file by using read range activity from workbook output as Dt1.

take one for each row in data table mention the dt as Dt1.

take one assign activity create variable as Col1=CurrentRow(“YourColumnName”).ToString

Take one open browser open browser activity inside the for each row and mention the url as Col1. this will loop through the every row.

Then if you wants to download that file to a folder take one more assign Folder="FolderPath"

take one type into and if the file manager popup occurs indicate the type into activity in folder path field and pass the Folder variable to the type into activity!


i solve this problem using Firefox!!