Download outlook mail attachment from Group

Facing one issue while downloading outlook email attachment from Groups mail,I have added in the Groups recently but have to download the old mail attachments(the mails received when I wasn’t in the group).

use case: I have to download outlook old email attachment from mail Group , from specific mail id, Filter can be mail id or Subject.
suppose group mail id is: [] and Group name is ABC.

Using get outlook mail activity but getting this error, Providing Mail Folder like: or ABC/Inbox but same error is getting
This is how structure looks like

Screenshot 2024-07-08 142104



Make sure that you have the necessary permissions to access the group mail. Since you mentioned you were added to the group recently, ensure that you can access older emails by logging into Outlook manually and checking the group mail.

@rlgandu Yes I have all the necessary access granted.



 Get Outlook Mail Messages
       Account: "your_account"
       MailFolder: "\\ABC\\Inbox"
       Filter: "[ReceivedTime] < '2024-01-01 00:00:00 AM' AND [From] = ''"
       Output: mailMessages

 For Each mail in mailMessages
        Save Attachments
               MailMessage: mail
               SaveToFolder: "path_to_save_attachments"

With \ABC\Inbox in mail Folder , getting the same error, Folder not found

Hi @Parul_Yadav1 for downloading attachment from outlook mail you can use get outlook mail activity and in the property section you can modify mail folder for eq - you want to get mail from group mail and also you want the attachment from specific sender for this in the property section there is a filter option when you can pass this
“[From] = ‘’”
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