Unable to download attachment from outlook

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I am trying to automate the download and processing of files which I receive via email. I can retrieve a list of mail messages from my inbox with the GetOutlookMailMessage activity but when I check for the presence of attachments ( .Attachments.Any() or .Attachments.Count>0 ) or try the Save Attachement activity no attachments are found, even though the mails clearly have files attached to them. Any ideas? When refererring the below threads, it is mentioning about some group policy settings need to be enabled. Any idea on the details of the settings need to be enabled from outlook?

@HareeshMR , @Pablito

Can you please have a look on this. Lots of people are experiencing this issue.


Hi @divyacse89,
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Can you show example of your workflow and Get Outlook Email Messages attributes settings?