How to scrape the hyper-links with same icons

Hi everyone,

Please let me know how can I traverse the hyper-links in a table given under the table heading "Action"

Iam guessing the screenshot is a part of a Webpage. You could use click activity and then try to get a selector by opening the UI Explorer. You need to select a unique element such as aaname, etc and loop through all of the links by using For Each loop.

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@puneet try using the webscraping helper. It looks like that’s a table within a website. The webscraper should recognize you want the whole table. Save this as dt1 (or whatever variable name you’d like) then use a for each row activity. Within the for each row activity, you can click the row containing the link, or extract the url and use a ‘navigate to’ activity


Thank you for your replies but I am new to this so if you can share the code for this then it would be really helpful.

Hi @Puneet - I would highly recommend completing at least the uipath foundations training at - I think it would be very helpful to understand a few of the basic concepts, activities, and tools that you can use with UiPath

Hi Dave,

I can easily use the webscraping and then store the results in the DT.

But the problem with traversing the hyperlinks is:

  1. They do not open in a new window so we have to go the link and then back.
  2. The URL for all the links is the same.

@puneet so the datatable is filled with links that are exactly the same? Can you output the datatable to excel and upload here?

In order to open in a new window, you should use the open browser activity and supply the URL.