Download from storage bucket - Cannot find the requested page


I’m having an issue with downloading files from storage buckets using the Orchestrator web application. Using the activities in Studio works just fine.

When I Press download, this page appears:

I fiddled around trying to see what stopped this request, and the only thing I saw was that Telemetry data is stopped by network policies in this on-premise environment:

Anyone seen this before?

Hi @sven.wullum

Is this issue still present? (just to eliminate the possibility of a temporary outage)


Yes, it is.

I was thinking maybe opting out of sending telemetry data might do the trick?

Maybe, but this looks like it would be linked to your specific infrastructure. I would strongly suggest to contact our technical support and your IT team to try to resolve this issue:

Thanks for replying. I’ve already raised a ticket.
Will update this thread when cause and solution is in place.

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Solution was to install and use Chrome instead of IE11!

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Thanks for letting us know! Makes sense as support for older browsers was stopped last year.

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