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As i’ll be using UiPath EE now, my company is wondering if it’s secure to use Orchestrator web app, due to company’s data privacy and data agreement policies. They’re a little bit scared if Orchestrator is tracking the actions that’s done / what links are opened …etc and save them on cloud .

1- Does Orchestrator web app really do this, if not please clarify to me what it really do ?

2- If i installed orchestrator application on a machine, does it solve the problem?

3- If installing the machine is the solution, wouldn’t it be a little bit expensive to do as a start :smiley: ?

4- All what i want is to make a robot that runs on a VM and can be accessed without the session being
on between any local machine and VM, if you have a better solution for this taking in consideration
the data privacy issue please tell me.

Thank you.

@Forum_Staff can someone clarify things out please ?

Hi @adh4m1994,

  1. The short answer is no, it does not. The only information that Orchestrator receives aside from what users enter into it is the log data from robots. You can read more about the logging levels here, but by default only automation stop, automation start, and errors that are encountered by the robot are sent to Orchestrator. This is also configurable and you can control what is logged to Orchestrator. Even in the highest logging level though, this information is encrypted in our cloud environment with an encryption key specific to you as a paying customer. UiPath does collect anonymous telemetry data just like Microsoft does for Windows. This information is performance based and does not contain specifics around what actions are done or what links are opened or any other customer data. It is only the bare minimum to help UiPath tune our environment and software to perform faster and more reliably. Notably our cloud environment is ISO 27001 Certified and complies with GDPR amongst other standards.

  2. Installing Orchestrator within your company environment does give you full control over your data storage. By default, UiPath still collects anonymous telemetry data, but this can be disabled if desired.

  3. This very much depends on you specifically to a customer. UiPath works to make all of our products affordable for companies in multiple different architectures. Whether your company decides to install Orchestrator on a machine they control or leverage our SaaS solution, they can still expect to achieve good ROI.

  4. The supported way to perform this work and the best way in the long run will be to use Orchestrator.


Well this explained alot.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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