Internet Explorer support is ending for Orchestrator and Automation Cloud

Internet Explorer support is ending for Orchestrator and Automation Cloud web access

We wanted to give you advance notice that UiPath Orchestrator is going to discontinue support for Internet Explorer from April next year. This change will not impact automations that use Internet Explorer - but it does mean that users and administrators who access Orchestrator and/or Automation Cloud via the web interface will need to do it through a different, supported browser.

When will it happen?

We will discontinue support starting in April 2021. For Enterprise Cloud accounts, the change will come in an April 2021 update, while for on-premises deployments it will start with the 2021.4 release. Between now and then, we will display notifications in both Cloud and on-premises deployments (starting with 2020.10) as a reminder that this change is coming.

Why this change?

Microsoft itself is moving away from Internet Explorer, and recommends Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer 11 is the last version of IE that Microsoft will release, and Microsoft 365 has announced its upcoming end of support on Internet Explorer (more information from Microsoft can be found here:

By ending our Orchestrator support for Internet Explorer, we are able to streamline our development processes and focus resources on adding new platform features and capabilities, while still supporting a wide range of newer browsers and technologies.

How might this impact you?

Cloud accounts will start displaying the end of support information from August 2020, several months in advance of the change. Cloud Portal and Orchestrator in Internet Explorer in the cloud will be available until the 31st of March 2021. Similarly, 20.10 will be the last LTS on-premises version that will support Internet Explorer.

From April 2021 for Cloud accounts, and 2021.4 if you use an on-premise release, you will not be able to access Orchestrator using Internet Explorer as a browser. This will not impact automations (workflows) that use Internet Explorer - they will continue to operate as usual. In order to use Orchestrator though, you will need to use another browser. The browsers we will support are below.

Affected products and services

  • Orchestrator on-premise 2021.4 release and all subsequent releases
  • Cloud Portal starting with April 2021
  • Orchestrator running in the Portal starting with April 2021

What we recommend as alternatives

Going forward, you will be able to use Orchestrator with a number of other browsers. The ones that we recommend and have tested can be found in the Orchestrator documentation, under software requirements here:

Who can I contact?

As always, please reach out to UiPath support or your UiPath account team if you have further questions or concerns about this change.


hi @loginerror , Just wanted to confirm again to get clarity. Post discontinuation of IE11 ,Can Bots using IE Browser for web application will be able run successfully.


Yes, that is correct. This notification applies to the ability to access Orchestrator (on-prem or in-cloud) via IE 11. Automations that use Internet Explorer are not affected by this change.


@Geoff thanks for the confirmation

I am also curious about how β€œM365 STOP support IE11 August 17,2021.” may impact UiPath developers.

Does this mean that RPA developers should start migrating the existing IE automation to Microsoft Edge before August 17,2021? How would UiPath suggest the migration plan?



@Geoff - thanks for the info. Would like to know after APR2021 - is existing robots will function\work with the IE11 version browser or not?

This does not change how the robots and automations work with IE. This post is talking specifically about accessing the Orchestrator and Cloud Portal UI, which will not be supported on IE after the dates mentioned.

Of course, you will want to ensure that any web applications the robot is interacting with through IE continue to be supported for access through IE by their publishers. But that is not specifically because of this UiPath change – it’s a general issue as more publishers end their support for IE.

Hope this helps.

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