Download from from FTP server

Hi Team,

I need to download one file from ftp server using download file activity in ftp.
The name of the file is:- “AM_MS_ModelHoldings_20190605_220007.txt.pgp”
But problem is “220007” which is present in the filename is keep changing, so I used instead of that:- “AM_MS_ModelHoldings_20190605_*.txt.pgp” like this.
But I am unable to download it after using star in download file activity under ftp.
Please let me know how to download this file.


Buddy @sshitol
Even if you have the full file name without * and you were trying to download the file with download ftp activity it wont work, The reason is i tried many times with download ftp activity where the activity will not throw any error but the file is not getting downloaded from ftp, i still wonder why it is not working for me, and i have seen many of friends face the same issue, so what we did we tried to get the file from the server by placing the file in a shared folder or onedrive folder synced to your machine, so that any one who are tagged to that onedrive folder can access the file…
So coming to your point on using , yes you can get the file path by using a assign activity
Out_FilepathArray = Directory.GetFiles(“yourfolderpath”,“AM_MS_ModelHoldings_20190605_

This would give all the files with that name in that folder as a string array as the Out_FilepathArray is a variable of type string array
then once after the file path as a string array you can use for each loop and pass the above variable as input and use move file activity where mention the source file path and destination file path – you onedrive folder path or shared folder

This would work for sure buddy
Kindly try this and let know if you face any issues
cheers @sshitol

HI @Palaniyappan,
We cant use directory.get files because FTP server is password protected.
FTP server working fine for me, i have used it many time but only this issues is what I am facing. I need solution on this.