Using wildcards to download from a ftp server a file

Hello everyone

Im a rookie that has assigned a RPA from download files from a FTP. Those files has a special name structure so I want to download all the files that have a formatted name, initially I used *, but doesn’t download any file, there is any special way to download files like that?


hello @sagilm

if update your package then you will get an activity called Enumerate Files which will return a collection of file absolute file path.

from there you can filter out the files


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Usually Download activity from FTP will give us a datatable if file names
— and you were right as we won’t get the common name structure file if we mention them with *
— so I would suggest to get all the files from FTP and then filter the datatable activity that we got as an output
— we can filter the datatable variable either with Filter datatable activity or a select method
While filter datatable activity pass the input datatable and get the filtered datatable as output
With condition like Contains and your column name between quotes and common structure name within double quotes in the value field

Hope this would help
Kindlybtry this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @sagilm

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