Doubts about the exercise of uipath

Good afternoon! I have doubts regarding the Excel of this activity. How do I create a file in Excel with this information?

On the landing page, Dashboard, click or hover over the Suppliers menu item, then click Search supplier. Click View all suppliers. Scratch the data from the entire displayed table. The resulting data table will be used as input data for the process. Navigate back to the panel.
Note: Navigation can be achieved in a number of ways by the robot - choose what you think is best.
. For each tax ID:

  • Navigate to the Suppliers - Search page (click or hover over the Suppliers menu item and then click Search supplier);
  • Enter the tax ID in the supplier tax ID field;
  • Click on Search;
  • Extract the values ​​for Address, City and Country and compare them with the values ​​from the table previously extracted on the page View all suppliers (check EXACT matches all fields!);
  • If the values ​​do not match, this should be categorized as a business rule exception;
  • If the city does not belong to the group {"" SΓ£o Paulo β€œβ€, β€œβ€ Rio de Janeiro β€œβ€, β€œβ€ Bahia β€œβ€, β€œβ€ Belo Horizonte"", β€œβ€ Santa Catarina""}, this should be classified as the second business Exception of rule. We can only process requests from those cities. Check the value of the city extracted after searching for individual tax identification;
  • If there is no exception to a business rule, attach the data table resulting from each page in an Excel spreadsheet; you should not be concerned with the headers and the format of the output file.

Hello! we cant tell you everything, cause that way you dont learn anything :slight_smile:

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No that’s all. I was wondering if the Write Range activity is necessary to create the file in Excel. But there is still data scraping. It was kind of confusing for me that I’m a beginner

Yes, to write a whole datatable to excel, we use Write Range.