Data extraction from excel file

I have one excel file in that file in that file many data like row A= ID,B=Date,C=Price D is blank then E,F,G and H is blank…there is other company data it is also like id,date and price there are many rows and column data
i want to last 5 data with rows and column in other excel file

Hi @Surya_Pawar ,

Use Read range activity to get the data to datatable. then use filter datatable activity to mention the required columns alone refer below image



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Hello @Surya_Pawar

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You can sue Read Range activity to get the data from excel to a Datatable variable.
Then use the below expression.



Hi @Surya_Pawar

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I am attaching here the Workflow as required. Please go through the workflow change the Master excel path as well as the New excel which is to be generated. Make sure the Row count should be more than 5 from were you need to copy the Rows and Columns else you can do the exception handling only if required.
Extrating Last 5 (9.0 KB)

Hope this will help you…

i uploaded both input and output image
i want this type of output in new excel file

i uploaded both input and output image
can you help me on that

Hi @Surya_Pawar

It will be great if you can Attach here the Input excel file for the reference.


Sorry I cant able to upload file