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Suppose there is 10lakh of data available on a website and we need to write that data in an Excel file,how can we achieve this efficiently?

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We can achieve this in 2 ways…

Using API’s
Using Data Scraping

  1. Using API’s:

We can use HTTP Request method to get the response in a json format. Deserialize the json → Then store it in a DataTable variable. Use Write range to write the data to Excel.

  1. Using Data Scraping:

We can scrape the data from website and we can store it in to an data table (Variable).By using DataTable variable we an write it in to Excel.


Hi @Praveen_Reddy ,

Adding one more point to the list shared by @THIRU_NANI

most of the websites support download as excel report option if it have so many rows. check if an option available to download the content as excel report. thanks.


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Hello @Praveen_Reddy ,
If you don’t have any other options than Data scraping, Then try this.
Scrap the data on each page and append it into an excel work book then click the next page again scrap the data, and append it to the excel workbook. The same process repeats until the end of the page