Does UiPath have any alternate to Orchestrator/Cloud for Unattended robots


I believe UiPath uses cloud technology for its Orchestrator. My organization has lot of sensitive data which we dont want to expose to cloud or UiPath through Orchestrator.

What is the best strategy which we should follow so that we can automate our process and still Robot job scheduling/code deployment is done on-prem.

My company has on-premise Orchestrator that requires a VPN to be used. That’s probably the approach you want to take.

Ok thanks ClaytonM.
So, if I use only ‘UiPath Studio’ to design my process and then on-premise Orchestrator to deploy/schedule the job, then no internal data will be exposed to outside world.

Is my understanding correct that ‘UiPath Studio’ is completely safe in terms of data privacy?
I need to use some ‘Mail’ activities and we never know how ‘UiPath studio’ works in background to send any email.

Also for developing On-premise Orchestrator which course is best to refer?

@Akhi - If you use on-premise Orchestrator and it is not connected in anyway to public internet, then the internal data would not be exposed to outside world.

Also UiPath Studio will not do anything in the background. It is just an IDE to develop and test your automated process. But if your process has steps to send email, then only those emails will be sent and then too, UiPath Studio will not send these emails, but the Robot Executor (which is invoked by the UiPath Studio) will send those emails.

Thanks @sreenivasm for suggestion.

What is the best way to learn how to develop ‘on-premise orchestrator’?
Are there any online courses to explain or should I reach to UiPath technical team for support?

@Akhi - UiPath provides lot of details on how to setup on-premise Orchestrator in their documentation.

Please refer to

If you choose to download and use activities from the community, I do not believe that the code is available, thus enabling “dangerous code” to be run from your robots. If you have security issues this is something you should investigate.

Ok thanks @Mikkel_Nielsen

That depends. Some of them are open sourced and anything that is available on Go! has went through a security review by UiPath (see here).
So @Akhi while adding the whole Go! feed might not be an option for you, individual packages could be (you can download manually and put to activities feed in your Orchestrator just what you allow), especially the ones from UiPath Labs and trusted partners (or open sourced ones which you can individually verify).