Is UiPath Orchestrator mandatory to create and deploy a UiPath Robot on localhost?

I have been working with UiPath Studio to automate workflows and was successful. Now I want to create a UiPath Robot to deploy only on my localhost.

I have followed a couple of videos, e.g. UiPath Tutorials For Beginners - Deploying a bot to Orchestrator || Schedule a bot Uipath which seems to take help of the UiPath Orchestrator.

My questions are:

  • Is it absolutely necessary to use UiPath Orchestrator to create and deploy a UiPath Robot on my localhost?
  • If it is mandatory, is there any UiPath official videos available?
  • If it is not mandatory, can you please point me to some documentation/videos?

Hi @debanjan

Regarding tutorials follow in the below link-- You need to register to watch videos which is free of cost

Orchestrator is a cloud platform where you can run your process remotely or schedule the process to trigger at your ease !! You can learn about all these in the above link.

Go through this website –

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UiPath Orchestrator will be useful for to schedule automated processes etc.

If you want to run in your local system only then publish automated process from studio and it will generate package and same you can run it from system tray.

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@lakshman Thanks. But the main question is: Is it absolutely necessary to use UiPath Orchestrator to create and deploy a UiPath Robot on on my localhost. Looking for a clean direction.

@ChagantiAkhil Thanks, I have already registered with and watching the videos.


Orchestrator won’t create anything except connection between system robot which is present in your system and orchestrator.
For running workflows you required either uipath studio and uirobot or Uirobot only which is used for running worklfows from orchestrator.

if my answer is not correct. Can you elaborate your question?

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Hi Debanjan,

it is not necessary that you should use UiPath Orchestrator to create and deploy uipath robot if you are using localhost.


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Great. Keep working on it !! Go ahead and try to complete certification also by end of 31st march.
Community forum is here to guide you.:wink:

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