Does installing the remote desktop plugin affect the original program?

I am currently doing a test:
I made a program a long time ago: the specific requirement is to download files in a program that connects to the server remotely. Because the development did not know that there was a plug-in for the remote desktop at the time, the click operations at the time were all used to click the picture, and use a part of send hotkey+type into. At that time, the content of the selector was almost like this (
I am currently developing a new program that I want to use the plug-in of the remote desktop, but I am not sure that after installing the plug-in, the original program will not be able to recognize the specific content.
After I installed the remote desktop plug-in, I conducted several tests using the original program. The first test found that the location selected by my click image time could not be recognized. The first step in the object I reached on the remote desktop It stopped, and the uipath remote runtime service in my remote object was started at this time. However, the following two test procedures can be executed normally, which makes me a little confused, and I am not sure whether this plugin will cause an impact. After all, the content of the same click or click image selector before and after the installation of the plugin is different.
Can UIPATH official or other development friends tell me?

Hi @maxzz,
Since you mentioned the content before and after is changed then you have to re-indicate on screen to get the current selector.


Does this mean that all programs written before installation which can be executed normally, will not be recognized by click activity or click image activity or type into activity after installing the plug-in, after installation, and all of these activities need to re-screenshot to specify the content of the selector?

generally it dosent work if the said selector for the ui element changes, probably you may have to re-indicate the element and check the selector.

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