Document Validation Action and Third party extraction systems

Hi. I’ve been working with Action Center for the last year and I am convinced it is a great feature. A feature that I would like to combine with some other skills I 've been developing for the last years like document imaging and data extraction using Kofax Transformation (I am a UiPath and Kofax Transformation certified consultant) and more recently I have participated developing a custom made document extraction Web API (Based on Google Cloud Vision + Free form data extraction algorithms).

The problem is that it is very difficult to create ExtractionResults objects (from UiPath.DocumentProcessing.Contracts class) if you want to populate results obtained from a system different to UiPath Document Understanding.

I am not questioning Document Understanding capabilities nor comparing it with other Document extraction solutions but I think that UiPath should include activities to facilitate the manipulation of ExtractionResults objects in those cases we need Action Center for document validation but prefer using a third party system for obtaining extraction results.

I expect this feedback to be useful

Gabriel Marin

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Finally after many attempts I could successfully insert values obtained from custom methods, so I will mark this post as solved. Below is a related post with details:

Hope it helps!

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