Barcode extraction and Document validation

In many document based automations we need to obtain data from barcodes: conventional 1D barcodes (3of9, Interleaved, etc.) or 2D (QR, PDF417). This can be easily achieved with the help of UiPathTeam.Barcode activities or other barcode recognition libraries, but I couldn’t find any Barcode Extractor in IntelligentOCR package in case we need to integrate this kind of recognition method to validation interfaces that UiPath provides like Validation Station or Action Center Document Validation.

This is related with other difficulties I’ve been experiencing when trying to combine barcode extraction, custom extraction or third party document extraction systems with UiPath document validation interfaces as you can see in the following post links:

In fact one of the use cases that I recently uploaded is a process that reads QR codes from invoices (Argentina), decodes its content, and extracts 12 invoice fields but I can’t provide a validation interface as I am not able to combine these features…at least not so far.

I really think that providing a solution to this will help many of us that work heavily on document related automations.


Gabriel Marin

I pushed this to our internal tracker.

Thanks @Pablito. Having a Barcode extractor would facilitate some “classical” extraction scenarios.

Regarding the 2 post mentioned above finally I closed them after successful attempts to insert values to ExtractionResult object.