Document Understanding - Data Manager GA in Automation Cloud

Calling all friends of Document Understanding. Data Manager has finally officially come to Automation Cloud!

Data Manager is now available to all customers with AI Center Enterprise License or an AI Center Enterprise Trial. Access it through the Data Labelling tab in AI Center.


  • faster startup
  • no limit to volume of documents that can be imported or exported
  • friendlier Export dialog
  • limit of 1500 documents per import, though successive imports allow you to import as many documents as you need
  • stable, robust and scalable

For more details, please check out the Documentation.

Happy automating!

Your friendly Document Understanding Team.


I tried to create new Data Labeling App, but failed somehow.
How can i solve that?

Hi @pitaty can you please try again? Might have been a transient issue. You are on the environment?

I tried several times, but still have the same issue.
And yes, iā€™m on clound.uipath.cpm enviroment.