Data Manager no found

Do anyone have idea that from where we can find Data Manager.
I have gone through its documentation.

in it, they only tells its functionality but not told from where we can find it.
here in the image below does not show any tab of data manager.

Anyone’s help is quite appreciable.

@nashrahkhan ,

Did you activate your AI fabric license in the Orchestrator?. I think after that only you can see these options.

@sarathi125 I am using this Enterprise trial version.

@nashrahkhan …data manager is only available for preview. So inorder to get that you have to sign in to the insider portal and there you have to choose Data manager. You have to answer few questions when you choose and access will given after couple days/hours.

@nashrahkhan - Once you logged in into the insider portal…choose the datamanger from the below dropdown

Survey to Fill up

Hope this helps…

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@prasath17 Thank you :slight_smile:

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