Data Manager not exporting a batch

Hi all!

I’m trying to train a ML Skill for Document Understanding. To do that, we need to export the labeled data from Data Manager. The problem is that when I click on the Export button, it starts blinking (as it should), but after some minutes it just stops, and nothing else happens.

This particular batch has about 1500 pages. If I try to export a batch with 357 pages, it works normally.

Does the Data Manager have a limited capacity for exporting a batch? Or should it work normally for a 1500 batch?


It gives the remmended limit once you give the required values while you go to data manger… please check this…


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Hi Sandro,

When the blinking stops, it means the data has been exported. Can you check your dataset? You should give a unique name when exporting. and click “Export to AI center”

Once that’s done go to datasets and check your dataset with the unique name you gave.

If you have 1500 documents in your dataset, in split.csv you should have all 1500 listed.

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FYI, I have exported around 4000 documents with no issues, it just takes some time and once its done it will be in the dataset.

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