Data manager

what is the work of data manager. how to download it? and what is its use in uipath?

Hi ,
You can see more details about data manager in uipath official documentation

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i have community edition. so i cant use it right?

Yes , you can use it
Data Manager in AI Center in Automation Cloud

okay. i will check it. but i saw somewhere that we have to download it as it comes as a docker it true?

but to use ai center i thought that enterprise edition is needed only. bit confused now as i have never explored that

I refered this video while I was exploring data manager , you can check the same to get more details.

@ydash999 Thats right. You should have enterprise trail to work with AI center. You can easily get it from cloud orchestrator (free trail). Once you login click on the Licenses


Click on request enterprise trail


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