Troubleshooting Data Manager File Import - Upload Failed Not Enough Available Disk Space

What to do when getting an error on uploading a large batch of documents to a data labeling session?

Root Cause: There can be 2 causes for this,

  1. The customer may have attempted to upload more than 500 documents in one batch (This only applies for Data Manager in AI Center on-prem versions 21.4 and earlier and does not apply for stand-alone Data Manager or for Cloud. Refer to this documentation: Document Understanding - v2021.4 Data Manager )

  1. All data labeling sessions are allocated a PVC with a default size of 5GB. This limit may have actually been filled.

  1. When using Data Manager in AI Center On-prem 21.4 or earlier, it is uploading 500 or more docs in a single batch. The user needs to upload the documents in separate batches that are 499 documents or less per batch. Either that, or upgrade AI Center to 21.10 or higher.

  1. Increase the storage size of the data labeling session.