Document Understanding - Barcode & QR-Codes


I have a use case where I want to read barcodes and QR codes from a document. The document is processed with document understanding (ML extractor).

According to the release notes (October 2022) “A new feature is now available for barcodes and QR codes detection.”.

What does this mean? What was implemented? When i use the UIPatch OCR in the document manager barcodes and QR codes are detected (can be selected), but the text is always “¿”.

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Hello Dennis,

did you figure something out in this matter?


Not really.
For this use case we have decided to NOT use UiPath Document Understanding.


Document Understanding has QR code/barcode detection through OCR. The general flow is that Document OCR is used to detect the location of the barcode / qr code / whatever code on the page. Note that this is the OCR / Digitize step, and no the Extract step. You can parse the Document Object Model returned by the Digitize Document Scope to find the QR code item. This item is then isolated in an image and then passed to the decoder library. That could be the marketplace activity or any third-party library, although of course the marketplace activity will be the easiest to use.


Is there an example project available?

I have testet it, but i am unsure how to extract the image with the information given in the DOM.

The “Extract Images from PDF” Activity does not seem appropriate to me and only works for native PDF files.

Hi, same question that Dennis0, how to isolate this item and save as an image ?

@Ioana_Gligan do we have a sample workflow for extracting QR codes and saving them as images?

Yes. Here is a sample workflow doing exactly this. (3.9 MB)


The example not exactly extracts the qr code but the code is transferable.
Would be nice if this is a out of the box feature.

Note: You have exposed your API key for DU. You should invalide this key.

Best Regards


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