Extract and recognize QR-code from PDF

Good day ! I’m new to UiPath and RPA, sorry for silly questions and if this topic has already been discussed :slight_smile: My task is to recognize the PDF file (extract and read the QR image, read the text from this PDF file). What tools UiPath to do it right? What should be the sequence of actions? Thank you!.

check uipath.qrcodelib.activities


Thanx! But its activity - only for QR. How i can read PDF file and extract QR code?

Hello @9cfeb88668c8daa986c7! Can you please give us a bit more details about the QR code? It changes, right? Can it also have different positions in the document?

Hi q-z! Yes, from document to document qr code changes, but has a constant area of ​​location on the document.