Do While activity to check popup

Hi there,

I am building a bot which needs to search on a website’s database. When it hits search, a ‘wait wheel’ appears and then there is also a chance that a popup will appear if there are busy servers.

I want to use a ‘Wait Element Vanish’ activity for the wheel and also a ‘Do While’ to check for the popup, how would I do this? I can’t seem to get it working as intended.

Thanks for your help.

Hello @dr1992 ,

You can use Parallel activity and place both the activities inside it to achieve your goal.

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Hey, thanks for your reply. How would this work exactly?

What I ideally want is to keep checking the popup whilst the wheel is active.

Hi @dr1992 ,

In your case, while using parallel activity
Wait element vanish activity and Do while activity works in parallel.
It will keep checking for the popup while the wheel is active.

I’m sorry, I’m a bit confused by that and unsure of what condition would need to be met - could you show me a screenshot of what you mean, by any chance please?

HI @dr1992 ,

PFB the screenshot for reference,

Please use Wait element vanish activity instead of Assign Activity. I just used Assign activity for reference.

So what is required for the condition? The element vanish would not be a bool to have a true or false requirement.