Do wile not working as expected

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i have put one do while condition where bot will check the element in website if it is not available then it will refresh the website and it will be doing for 3 min then it should come out of the loop.

And that is what not happening.


Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari

Instead of do while, use retry activity.


You can use the “Parallel” activity to perform two actions simultaneously - one to check for the element and another to keep track of the time. Set a timeout period, and if the element is not found within that time, the bot can exit the loop and proceed with other actions.

Hi @supriya117 ,

what to put in condition of retry, actually in case i need to check the element is there or not and in next step it is clicking on some button but the problem is button is always be avialable if element is not present also, can i use same element exist in condition?


Yes, use the same activity.
You can also use check app state activity for better experience(Modern activity)

Hi @rlgandu ,

can you elaborate more on this ? how to implement parallel, pls share some videos if you have for clear understanding.


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Hello Rakesh,
You can refer this article regarding the Retry scope activity for more information.
Activities - Retry Scope (

And you can refer this youtube link for Better understanding of the Retry scope:

Hope this Helps.

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i am using check app activity, but in condition it is not allwing me to put the same activity.

Any idea?

Use check app state activity in place of element exists activity in retry scope.

ok, i am using same way, my question is, is it mandatory to provide any activity in condition of retry? img for reference.

Also can i put few more activity in retry? to refresh the browser so that it can refersh and check the app state?

Check this:

Check app state gives the boolean output and it retries by reload the browser by specific amount of times you have provided.


You can change the number of retries and it basically 3. You can give time intervals also for each retry.

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