Parallel activity with 'Do While' to check errors?

Hi there, apologies if this is a dumb question, I’ve not used this before.

I’m building a bot which searches a website and as soon as you hit ‘search’ then a wait wheel appears. What I want to do it keep checking the if the wheel exists and if it does, keep checking for a popup which can show saying that the servers are busy.

I’ve put a detect element to check this wheel and also one for the popup - is will this work correctly or am I missing anything?

Thanks for your help.


Parallel activity will executes two tasks parallelly…

If you wants to check the element use element exists and modify the time… by default this will takes 30sec to search for the element…

make sure check the option continue on error…



Just for reference if people are looking, I just created a loop with a counter (based on a delay of 5s) to keep checking until the elements stopped existing. Much easier.

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