Orchestrator Licensing

Hi All,

I am planning to have 3 environments, 1 for Dev, 1 for Pre-Prod, and 1 for Production.

As I do not want the DB to be shared across all 3 environments, I am planning not to have the same instances of an orchestrator shared across all 3 env.

Instead, I will have 3 orchestrators, each orchestrator instance for each env. Does that mean that I will need to purchase 3 licenses?

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Yes you have to purchase 3 different licenses for each environment.

And also Database also will be different for each Orchestrator environment.

Yes, you need to get 3 separate licenses

Hi @lakshman, @ksrinu070184 thanks for the speedy clarification!

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@robot_learner you will need separate licenses for each instance, indeed, but for pricing details please contact our sales.

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Hi @robot_learner,

You need to purchase UiPath studio licenses for development and unattended/attended robot licenses for production. You will get four orchestrator license keys (dev, test, prod and DR).

You have a choice to map studio licenses against dev orchestrator key and unattended/attended robot licenses against prod orchestrator key.

You can request non-prod robot licenses for testing purpose from UiPath sales team and map it against test orchestrator key once you purchase the studio/robot licenses.