Testing and Production environment deployment on Studio, Orchestrator, Robot


Hi, I would like to check below
I have two environments, testing and production as below.
Testing environment: UiStudio x 1, Orchestrator x 1, Unattended Robot x 1, attended robot x 1
Production environment: UiStudio x 1, Orchestrator x 1, Unattended Robot x 1, attended robot x 1
Now I have build a workflow/transcript in testing environment and done the testing.
How could I export this workflow/transcript to production environment?
Export the workflow/transcript from testing environment studio and import to production environment studio then lunch to Orchestrator ? Am i correct?


Yes, we do it that way. We house the files on Gitlab. When testing is done and git is up to date, we simply open the project from a studio tied to the production orchestrator and publish from there. Git isn’t necessary though: however you want to get the files to a location that studio can access will work.


Yes. As it is always a good practice to maintain the same package version in test and in Prod, So i would agree with your approach of exporting the package from test environment and importing to Prod.


Hi Team, I would like to check below
If i just use one Uistudio at testing environment, is it possible to deploy the package to production Orchestrator directly? Is is compatible ?


@Aaron_chan Deploying a package to production Orchestrator via studio of development/Testing Environment is not recommended. In case you want to get the latest package which was tested in Dev/Test environment then you should publish the package locally in the dev/test machine and upload it in Production Orchestrator manually. It is possible to publish the package from dev/test machine(Studio) to Production orchestrator. However it is not recommended.