Do queue items in a status of "In Progress" block items that are in a status of "New"

I have 3 items “In Progress” in a queue and one “New” item. I have a dispatcher to place items in the queue with a status of New and of course a performer to work them.

The performer is active and I see one new item in the queue but it won’t fire to pick them up. Do I have to delete the “In Progress” ones - I know they will be abandoned in a day but I need to get them out of there now.

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Nope @Bryan_Schmiedeler,

If you have a transaction-al workflow design or using a framework.

It can pick next item even if we have in-progress in queue.

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Hi @Bryan_Schmiedeler,

That’s true your in progress item will just be ignored and will not affect the performer. However, I understand your concern with keeping the queue clean.

Your issue or concern is something similar to this thread

I have a suggested workflow in the link above to delete your in progress items. The solutions does not require you to delete the queue.

Hope it helps!

I downloaded your activity and it worked beautifully. Thanks!