Delete all items of certain type

How can I remove all items of a certain type from the queue?
I have over 2000 items to delete, so going page by page is not an option.

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What do you mean by “certain type”?

In general you can filter and “delete all” of the current page.
Or you could use the api to delete if you need to delete 2000 items at once.

did u try delete queue item activity ?

I thought there is a way to do it without developing and deploying another process just to delete queue items. It is strange that ones can’t just mark all “new” or “failed” items in a queue and delete them in orchestrator page.

hi @MaciejSartys
You can filter those and delete all selected items

first Click Filter ==> then filter the jobs as you want
Then click the check bot near to STATUS (That will select the entire filtered list)
Then Click Remove


Does it really mark the whole list? For me ( apparently, I have a different version of orchestrator) this marks only items from the current page - 50 items max

It says that I’m using Orchestrator 2020.4.3

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Its depend on your Filter
this means that you may have only 50 items
check below

In this case, I have filtered only Failed cases so altogether I have 2182 Items
so I can delete all by clicking that remove

I can’t. Only whole page, can’t find any way to mark whole filtered list.
Which version you are using ?

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Ok then, understand your situation
You have 2 option
You have to do it by 50 pages by 50 OR
you can have deleted those by DB level
If you planning to go through DB level let me know I will forward the script

Hi @MaciejSartys @Maneesha_de_silva - It is not recommended to make database changes. If possible, you can leave these items as is and create a new queue.

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I hope its already given by Uipath, Only thing is that proper DB admin is required to handle it.
Such a large transaction handlining environment as i know its definetly required some of DB maintenance

Please correct me if I’m wrong

Hi @MaciejSartys,
I dont see any other way other than using a custom workflow or an API call to solve this given your orchestrator version does not filter as @Maneesha_de_silva showed. I understand this might not be what you wanted, but below is the alternative solution.

A workflow approach:

  1. Get queue items - Select the “QueueItemStatus” in properties : This will result in an enumerable which consists of all the items. Supported QueueItemStatus are New,Successful, Failed, InProgress, Abandonded, Deleted, Retired. (If the type is InProgress, check the reply in this thread. There is also a .xaml file in the reply, which you can adapt to your case.)
  2. Use For each loop and select TypeArgument as “QueueItem” as the enumerable in Step 1 contains "QueueItem"s
  3. In the “do” section of the for each loop, use Delete Queue Items and pass the “item” to be deleted.

This way the items will still remain in the queue with a “Deleted” status so they are still accessible visually and their data is still accessible programmatically (Get Queue Items → Deleted → ItemData).

@mahesh.kumar I did not understand what you meant by not recommended to make database changes. If by chance there is a wrong item in the queue, we do have to handle them. Creating a new queue every time is not going to be scalable and it might also affect API calls which use queue IDs.

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I agree that making a new queue is not a good option - queue data give some useful statistics about the process and I don’t want to lose it.
I asked about “deleting” but it is a more general problem - I could have also like 2k items to mark as reviewed, to get rid of failed items in queue, but I don’t want to remove them from queue history.
I just wonder why some of you can mark whole filtered queue items list and I can mark only those visible on the page. When (which version) this function has been introduced to orchestrator?

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