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Hi folks,

my organizaton have the intention to buy UIPath and make an implementation, but i have some doubts.

We have planned to install UIPth studio in a server.
In this server we want to install robot/s in order the users could be able to execute manually those robots ( without the needed to purchase Orchestrator ).
But for do this we have some doubts that have to be solved before the implementation. Here are the questions:

• For Atended robots….

o Is an instalable app?
o If we install a single robot on Windows server operating system, let suppose that every user wants to launch his own process… is necessary to purchase a robot and his license per each user simultaneously? Or , Only need a single robot with a single license for all simultaneously sesions?
o Can the robots to launch processes once created by UIPath studio anywhere, without the need of to have Orchestrator ( the processses could be launched by the users)?
o s there any way the robots to import the processes created in UIPath studio to make the robots execute them ? ( i.e. we have created a process as a packet and then, in another standalone machine we have instaled only a robot, can we to export this packet and put in this machine to make the robot import it and the user launch the robot in order to execute it )

o If in the future we want to migrate a robot to another server…can we uninstall from the old server and reinstall on new and re use the same license

• For uipath studio…

o Could we to import the process created with UIPath community edition?
o If in the future we want to migrate UIPath studio to another server…can we uninstall from the old server and reinstall on new and re use the same license?

please, could any UIPat staff or advanced user to explain those questions?. We contacted with sales dept but they do not provide technical info, only pricing.

thank you very muc, BR.

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Hi all,

I belong to a Spanish Company, and I have same doubts as Cacafundi has mentioned.
In our case the business situation requires a fast decition, and I will need same information.

Kindly any of the administrator can answer these questions ASAP

Thank you.

Hi folks,

please, anybody knows how to ride those questions?

thanks in advance.


Yes it is

Like most software packages out there, every user requires a license to launch processes locally.
If the process runs on another remote machine, they can be started from orchestrator by any user with an Orchestrator account; so in this case only an Orchestrator license is needed for the server, and a single license for the computer that actually runs the process.

Yes. Packages can be started locally from the robot tray, or from the command line, or from Studio.

Yes, if I understand your question correctly. Processes are saved as XAML files that can be sent to any computer that has either a Robot or Studio installed, and then run them on that computer.

Yes, although a license update might be required, depending on the version.


Yes, technically speaking, although you’ll have to send a message to our support to update your device ID.


Hi Cosin,

thank you for the information, this was very helpful, now all is really clear.