Do i need a license?

Hi, iam new to UiPATH and i am creating a bot with my community edition in my own machine.
I plan to use this robot in a server for production. Do i need a Studio license there? or only a Robot license?

Do i need a license for a robot that will run in a family entreprise (less than 5 employees)?


Hi @Eduardo_Cirilli to put your workflow in production you may use only a robot license, but CE studio can`t be used to build production workflows, for that you need to buy a studio license (it does not need to be installed in the server, you can have it in your own machine) as well.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply!.
So, for any robot i will need a license. And for my family business? Can i make a robot in a single computer unlicensed?

@Eduardo_Cirilli just to clarify, the robot is the agent that execute workflows, that said, with 1 robot license you may run multiple workflows created on studio.

Yes, i know that…
I will have two robots. One will run licensed, in a production environment. Using the licensed STUDIO, thats clear.
The other one, Developed and published with community for my own use. Is there a problem here?

For enterprise usage you need to run process in Robot licenses not on studio. Studio robot is used only for development and testing purposes. For personal usage (not related to work) as well as learning, you may use CE.

My CE license dashboard (in ui cloud) says: 0 of 2 attended robots in use. Can i use those in my case?

These are CE Attended bots manage by our CE Cloud Orchestrator. The rule apply as the same. For Enterprise purpose you need to use Enterprise version.