What license do I need if I only want to run studio

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I’m a newbie here so please be gentle with me :smiley:

I can see that this has been asked in various forms but my specific requirement is that I have Ui Path Studio and I want to run the projects I have created from a single laptop without Orchestrator.

I have been quoted $3000 for a Studio seat license and also told that I need a Unattended Robot License.

So do I need the Unattended Robot License if I want to run Studio?



We need Orchestrator to run unattended BOT.

Hi @wildev,

We have free community version studio and orchestrator.

But if your company is looking for licensed versions, then yes you have to buy unattended Robot license along with orchestrator.

To know more about this you can contact sales support, they will help you about licenses

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So if I just want to run Studio on my laptop I don’t need the Robot license?



Hi Anil,

we don’t want to run any UI path projects via orchestrator, just studio on a laptop.



If you only using the community studio version it is free no need to pay for anything else.

Hi @wildev

The you can go with unattended Enterprise license and you have to manually run the bot.

Hi DangerousDave,

I’m asking on behalf of the company I am currently consulting for and it doesn’t meet the criteria for the community studio version.



Hi Anil5,

Sorry about this but when you say the unattended Enterprise license does that mean the unattended robot license? If so that does mean we will need both a studio license and an unattended robot license…

Hi @wildev,

If you want to trigger manually from studio, then you can go with attended robot license and that comes with studio and robot.

For more information, its always good to contact sales support as they will be explaining for your requirement which is best.

[Contact Sales ]

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can you tell me how many computers do you plan to install studio with? also what kind of process would you be running on each of them?

i am assuming that since you don’t need an unattended robot you will have your end users run the workflow manually

is this correct?


My intention is to have 1 laptop installed with studio. That laptop will have projects to run on a specific GUI application and these projects will be ran manually from the laptop at the end of the working day and the results checked the next working day.

i think this should be doable in the community edition and you should not need any further licenses

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