Dispatcher Workflow RefFramework

Having some really problems with the Generate Yearly Reports Task

Can anyone upload just the despatcher workflow so I can take a look and see how it is actually supposed to work please

It is not allowed in the forums to share the assignment files. Please share your problem exactly where you are facing the issue and the forum members can support you.

Karthik Byggari


Hi @Jersey_Practical_Sho

Dispatcher workflow should just upload the data in the Orchestrator queue

Scrape the data you wish to upload to queue


Use a for each loop and add to queue


Send parameters in Item Information like this

Let me know if you still face issue.



Hi Karthik,
As per the document -in Level 3 for Learning purpose - They have not mentioned to create a REF project for Dispatcher. As per the steps written and screenshot shared, it looks that we need to create a blank process and read the excel file and other things. If we need to create REF project here for dispatcher then where are we suppose to write the all the below logic. Is it in the Init or Get Transaction? or Do we need to create all this logic independently( blank process) and integrate it here (but how).

Secondly same query for Performer as well. I am creating REF framework but how and where to integrate the core logic. From my understanding logic is built independently (blank process) and works also but not able to integrate with the main flow.

Thanks in Advance,


In the advanced learning course, we use REF for performing assignments.

Using Dispatcher and Performer we process the transactions (piece of work).

Dispatcher: To upload the work items to the Queue.
Performer: To process the work items uploaded by Dispatcher

Init: Read the config file
Get Transaction: read initial data (eg., excel file, output will be stored in DataTable)
Process Transaction: For Each Loop → Extract values of cashin, onuscheck and notonuscheck to the Queue
End Process: Close open applications if any

Init: Read the config file, open applications
Get Transaction: Get the Queue item
Process Transaction: Enter the cashin, onuscheck and notonuscheck values to the application
End Process: Close Open applications


Thanks Karthik for the explanation.
I do understand the four stages conceptually but my problem is how to integrate the core logic sequence in REF framework. Can you tell me as per below screenshot how to add dispatcher.xaml file in the REF framework.