Difficulty in changing tabs on a website (DataScraping)

Hello everyone… Currently, I am having an issue with using the Data Scraping tool to navigate from one page/tab on a website to another and scrape custom data from each tab. The website that I am using (link attached below), you will see, has 3 tabs: “Income Statement”, “Balance Sheet”, and “Cash Flow”. Since there isn’t a single button which can be used to go to the next page/tab, how can I tell UIPath to click on each tab, then extract a few custom columns of data from each one?

Link to website: [Amazon Morningstar] (http://financials.morningstar.com/income-statement/is.html?t=AMZN&region=usa&culture=en-US)

Thank you.

Instead of creating a more complicated solution to read the three tabs in one go, it might be simpler to read them separately and then use the “Merge Data Table” activity.

That looks like a logical solution… I didn’t know that such an activity existed


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