Changing Data Definitions

Hello UIPath community… I have just recently started working with the software and would like some assistance in getting acquainted to its features. For my current project, I am struggling to figure out how to scrape the appropriate data from a table on a website (link attached below). Particularly, I only want to scrape the first “Revenue” row (which you will be see as the first row on the “Income Statement” tab of the website) along with the header (years), and rewrite it into a CSV file. How do I change the data definition in this way? I can only seem to be able to scrape the entire table, rather than a few custom columns.

All advice is appreciated!

Link to website I am using: [Amazon Morningstar] (

Hi @rishsol,

I have seen a export button in the website. So you can do the export . It can save it as excel file. After you can read the data into an datatable. and filter it.


Missed the export button… thanks

Is the filtering process an activity which can be added to a sequence?