Different selector for Oracle Java on different servers


I have developed a code where Oracle java forms are used and the selector is something like this …"<wnd app=jp2launcher.exe" . Now when I run this code on some other machine… it does not recognize the selector. On checking the issue I found the selector as “<wnd app=java.exe” over there.
I have already build my code and this selector is used in about 100 activities in my code, so I dont want to make changes manually.

Can anyone suggest a better way to deal with this

Thanks in advance!

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I didn’t get this buddy
What was the difference been found
And also ensure that Java extension is installed in that machine

Cheers @deepikagoel

The difference was in selector, it showed “<wnd app=java.exe" instead of “<wnd app=jp2launcher.exe"

The Java extension is installed on both systems

Were you able to resolve the issue. We are also facing similar issue with Oracle Forms